Travel destinations of Khentii aimag

Travel destinations of Khentii aimagIt is believed that Genghis Khan, the Khaan and founder of the Great Mongolian Empire, was born in Khentii aimag. The devotion of creative natives consisting of Khalkh, Buriad, Kazakh, Uriankhai ethnos was highly appreciated by the Mongolian Government and was awarded with "Altan Gadas" or "Polaris" medal in 1943 and twice with honorable awards of the Government within the last few years.

In 2000, the 4,157 sq. km northeastern area of Khentii aimag became Onon-Balj Complex. The 12,271 sq. km territory that includes state worshiped sacred Burkhan Khaldun Mountain and Kherlen, Onon and Tuul rivers and their inflows at the heart of the Khentii Range had been protected by the state since 1992.

Around 800 archeologically significant historical remains such as graves, tombs, prohibitions of aristocrats were kept in Khentii province . A place, where the eastern great steppes meet the mountainous region in the northeastern part of the region, which is called Toson Khultai by the locals and 4,700 sq. km of this area became a natural reserve area in 1998.

Hilly and timbered areas surrounding Khar Yamaat, Tumentsogt and other mountains form a fascinating natural complex of 506 sq. km that became natural reserved area in 1998.

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