Khongor sand dunes

Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Khongor sand dunesThe Khongor sand dunes, known as the "Singing dunes", are the spectacular sight. This is the vast area of 6–12km wide, 180km long, white sand strip. Its height reaches up to 80m (a maximum height to the apex can be 300 metres). Khongor sand dunes located in the extreme south of the Gobi Desert, about 200km west of Dalanzadgad, center of Umnugovi aimag. Hiking the dunes is unique as there is no trail. Everyone blazes their own. You'll meet with views of Gobi desert, surrounding sand dunes upon reaching the top. As we walked along the ridge, this breathtaking scenery, stretched for miles in every direction, are unequaled any where else in South Gobi. When there is a high wind, it makes a similar sound of an airplane, so local people call it "Singing dune". There is a small river, the Khongor Gol with green pastures. The river is sourced by subterranean flows from the mountains forming its valley. Main tourist activities: trekking, hiking, camping, horse and camel riding, enjoy the natural beauty.

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