Geography and meteorology of Khovd

Geography and meteorology of Khovd aimagGeography. Khovd aimag has immense area that embraces Mongolian Altai Mountains, great lakes depression and northern Altai gobi. In the western side it borders with the People's Republic of China, in northwest with Bayan-Ulgii, in east and north east with Zavkhan, and in the southern side borders with Govi-Altai Aimag. The total length of the border is 1,522km. From north to south it is 453km, from east to west is 249km and is located at approximately 2,230m above sea level.
Khovd aimag has many big mountains like Tsambagarav, Darvi, Baatar, Khukh Serkh Range, Munkh Khairkhan, Jargalant, Sutai, Myangan Ugalzat, and Altan Khukhii and 20% of the aimag territory is Gobi.

Meteorology. Khovd has a continental climate. Summer temperature reaches +40°C, but winter temperature drops down to -30°C. Relatively dry. Average precipitation is 120-140mm, average temperature of January is -17°C - (-25.5)°C, average temperature of July is +16.5°C, the speed of wind reaches 4.5m/sec, during the coldest season the temperature drops down to -40°C, the warmest season reaches +35°C, the highest recorded speed of the wind was 1.0m/sec. Spring and fall seasons are comparatively long with 120 to 160 days respectively.

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