Other information of Khovd aimag

Other information of Khovd aimagKhovd is a multinational province. Khovd aimags nationality covering percentage:
Khalkh 24.7%
Zakhchin 24.9%
Kazakh 11.5%
Torguud 8.1%
Uriankhai 7.6%
Uuld 7.5%
Durvud 6.0%
Myangad 4.9%
Others 2.0%
The 8 medicinal mineral springs with hot, cold and warm water of Endert, that can heal injuries, wounds, muscle pain and rheumatic pains, exist in Khovd aimag. Nevtiin Hot Springs located in a mountain valley near the Tsagaanburgas bag of Duut sum, 10km from the center of Duut sum, 61км from center of Khovd aimag. Nevtiin Spring is known for its curative powers and is good for liver, gall, stomach, eyes and headaches. The 3 small creaks with water that are good for heart, flows into the Khiagt River in Tsetseg Sum. Ulaanbogochiin cold spring located at 3km from center of Khovd aimag. Springs water contain a lot of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and famous for its therapeutic effect on digestive, cardiovascular conditions. In Bulgan sum there are 2 frontier crossing points: Yarant and Baitag to the People's Republic of China. Bulgan (Yarant)-Takashiken international border crossing point located at 45km from center of Bulgan sum, open Sunday - Friday: from 09:00 to13:00 and from 15:00 to19:00, closed Saturday and Sunday.

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