Soil, Rivers and lakes of Khovd aimag

Soil, Rivers and lakes of Khovd aimagRivers and Lakes. Big rivers like Khovd, Buyant, Bulgan, Chonokharaikh, Tsenkher flow through Khovd province. Lakes such as Khar-Us, Khar, Durgun and springs such as Nevtiin, Bulgany, Indertiin are also in this aimag. Crystal clear fresh water lakes such as Tsetseg, Khukh Serkh, Buurug, Shavagt, Kholboo, and Khukh Lake are here along with some other 300 rivers and streams.

Soil. In the mountainous areas sedimentary rocks from the early Cambrian period, in the southern parts of Khovd aimag sedimentary rocks from quaternary period are widely spread. Khovd aimag is reach in natural and counstraction mineral materials such as coal (Khundlun), mica (Bodonch), crystal (Ooshigiin Us, Tsagaantolgoi). The high mountain region with rock cliffs is covered with alpine soil, while northern part of the aimag is covered with white-brown soil and the southern part is with Gobi gray soil. The soil and its quality vary from region to region. Only the fertile riversides of Khovd, Bulgan, and Buyant rivers can be cultivated.

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