Khustai National Park

Attractions close to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: Khustai National ParkThe Khustai National Park (NP), one of main tourist destinations in Mongolia, known as the motherland of Przewalski's horses (world widely endangered Takhi wild horses) is located 70km west from Ulaanbaatar at the boundaries of Altanbulag, Argalant, and Bayankhangai sums of Tuv aimag. Khustai range belongs to the zone of Mongol Daguur according to its vegetation and geographical features. Although Khustai NP belongs to forest and steppe zone which borders with great steppe of Mongolia, it also has sand dunes and mounds where you can find Gobi vegetation. Absolute altitude is 1,100-1,800m above sea level. The highest point is Khushuut, the peak of the Khustai Khan mountain at 1,843m above sea level, lowest is Tariatyn Bulag spring at 1,190m above sea level.  Average annual prescription is between 136.3-143.7mm. In Bayan, Ekhen Us, Alganat, Moilt, Urtyn Am, Shuvuun Am you can find over 10 alpine crystal rivers and springs which most of them still streams in winter. Forest steppe dark, mountain black, black and brownish soil dominates the area. Khustai range area is home to 450 species of vegetation belonging to 214 classes of 65 families. Khustai National Park is inhabited with 46 species of mammals such as deer, Mongolian gazelle, wild boar, Roe deer, Takhi wild horses, Argali mountain sheep, marmot, grey wolf, fox, corsac, Pallas' cat, Eurasian badger, lynx; and 172 species of birds such as the Great bustard, Black stork, vulture, Golden eagle, crane, Whooper swan, magpie and 130 species of insects. In the 368th resolution from November 28, 1980, the "Re-introducing Takhi or Przewalski's horses" by the Council of Ministers of People's Republic of Mongolia (former name) had been stated to allow the implementation of the re-introduction and raising project and get 6 Takhi horses from the Soviet Russia (former name) by the first half of 1981 according to the agreement made through the Mongolian Association of Environmental Protection. Mongolian Union of Environmental Protection, Takhi wild horses' protection foundation of Holland together with Mongolian and Russian research expedition had chosen Khustai range to be the best place to re-introduce the Takhi wild horses after a long research trip in the steppe, Gobi zone of Mongolia and started with the preparation work for reintroduction. Khustai range has come under state protection as the Natural Reserved Area with 50.0 thousand hectares of territory in 1993 according to the 83th resolution issued by the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia. In 1998 by the 115th resolution issued from the Parliament, the protection grade of the area has been upgraded making it into a National Park and borders have been expanded taking 2.5km in diameter section of Moltsog sand dunes into its boundary. The Khustai NP has been registered as a member of the Man and Biosphere Network of natural reserves by UNESCO.

Between 1993-2003, the Khustai NP had been managed by "Mongolian Association of Environment and Nature Protection" NGO since then the "Khustai National Park Trust" NGO is managing the park wholly according to the privileges under the agreement signed between the NGO and the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism of Mongolia.

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