Geography, meteorology of Khuvsgul

Geography and meteorology of Khuvsgul aimagGeography. Khuvsgul aimag is bordered with Russia to the north, Zavkhan aimag to the west, Bulgan aimag to the east and Arkhangai aimag to the south. It is located in Khangai Mountain Region. The main mountains are Khuvsgul Tagna and Sayan Mountains which belong to the Khangai Mountain Range. Highest point of Delgerkhaan Mountain is at 3,491m above sea level and the aimag has an average elevation of 1,650-2,050m above sea level.
This aimag is considered to be one of the most beautiful places of Mongolia with its snow capped majestic mountain ranges, deep blue lakes, thick forests, vast river valleys. Dayan Deerkh limestone and marble sediment cave in Tsagaan-Uur sum is one of the natural attractions of Khuvsgul aimag. Sometimes Khuvsgul aimag is called Mongolian Switzerland due to its natural beauty, wilderness and historical sites. The aimag's 24 sums are divided into three regions, High Mountain, Low Mountain and Forrest-Steppe.

Meteorology. During the winter time, average air temperature is around -24°C to -32°C, but it can drop down to -42°C to -50°C. During the summer time, average air temperature is around +15°C to +30°C and can get as high as +38°C. It receives an average of 300 to 400mm of precipitation annuly due to the snowing in high mountains region.

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