Other information of Khuvsgul aimag

Khuvsgul aimag's population consists of Khalkh and other ethnic groups. The Khalkh people make up 76.9% of the population, Darkhad 13.7%, Khotgoid 5.2% and the remaining are of Buriads, Durvuds, Uriankhais, Tsaatans and Uulds. Khuvsgul is the land of the Tsaatan reindeer herdsmen, a branch of the Turkic-speaking Tuvinian or Dukha ethnic group. The Tsaatans or Reindeer people (Reindeer Herders) are an indigenous people inhabiting the deep remotest forests of the Darkhad Basin, which covers a vast territory of Renchinlkhumbe, Tsagaan-Uul and Ulaan-Uul sums of Khuvsgul aimag and comprises 42 700 hectares. Tsaatans ethnic minority live in the extreme nature conditions.

Over 40 veterans, 70 Government award winners, 100 scientists and many more famous bestowal personas were born and still living in this aimag. The Government awarded Khuvsgul aimag with the state's highest award, the Order of the Red Banner in 1986 for its people's hard work. Khuvsgul people were among the first who joined the 1990 Democratic Revolution and fought for it at Davaadorj Square.

Danish explorer Henning Haslund-Christensen lived and worked in nowadays Erdenebulgan Sum of Khuvsgul aimag around the 1920s. Some of the local people believe that Mongolians' maternal line ancestor Alan-Gua was born somewhere around nowadays Chandmani-Undur Sum of the aimag. Khuvsgul is considered to be the most populated and also has the most number of livestock.

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