Soil, Rivers and lakes of Khuvsgul aimag

Soil, Rivers and lakes of Khuvsgul aimagRivers and Lakes. Khuvsgul aimag has around 400 rivers and streams, including Ider, Tes, Bugdgeen rivers that take source from Khangai Mountain Range and Delger, Beltes, Sharga, Shishged, Eg, Uur, Uilgan Rivers that take source from Eastern and Western shore mountains of Khuvsgul Lake. It also has around 300 big and small lakes. One of the most beautiful lakes is Khuvsgul Lake with its prestine fresh water, the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Mongolia, the 10th most voluminous in Asia and the second deepest in Central Asia. It gets drained by Eg and Selenge rivers which ultimately feed into Lake Baikal making 60 percent of its water. Khuvsgul aimag is famous for its medicinal healing springs, such as Bulnai and Salbar Hot Springs, Torts, Dulaan Buleen, Naranbumbat, Khonogtsol, Buustug and Gantigt cold springs. Many medical spring spas operate in this aimag.

Soil. Khuvsgul aimag is rich with mineral resources. Deposits containing many thousands of tons of phosphate, coal, graphite, gold, iron ore, lime stone, mineral colors, marble, and granite have been explored in this region.

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