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Darkhan-Uul aimag
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The general information of Darkhan-Uul aimag
Content Data Description
Founded year 1994 -
Name of the aimag's center Darkhan with a Sum status
Coordinates 49°30'N 106°15'E -
Number of the sums (territorial administrative units) 4 including Darkhan (aimag's center)
Total territory 3,275 km² -
- forestry (saxaul, larch, shrubs) 71,837.7 ha. -
- agricultured land 18,433.9 ha. -
- pasture land 179,620.6 ha. -
Time zone GMT+8 Add 8 hours to Greenwich Mean Time
Area code +976-7037-xxxx 976 - country code 7037 - aimag code

Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag (Darkhan), km
Ulaanbaatar - Darkhan 220
Distance from center of aimag to center of sum, km
Khongor 25 Sharyn gol 75
Orkhon 45    

Darkhan-Uul aimag is surrounded with the low branch mountains of the Khentii Range and located in northern Mongolia at the north side of the Kharaa River which belongs to the Orkhon-Selenge River Basin. The area is elevated at 700-1,500m above sea level which is considered to be a relatively low area and the land surface is composed of a multiplex of forest steppe and mountains. Although the total area of the aimag is not as large as the others, it is rich in gold, calcareous, coal, construction materials and such natural resources.

The aimag has a severe continental climate and belongs to the Central Khangai zone. The average air temperature ranges between +40°C to +5°C in the summer months and drops down to -30°C to -7°C during the winter times. The annual precipitation is 3.2mm.

Most part of the aimag is covered with mountain dark soil with some sediment soil formed with forest-dark and taiga soil.

Rivers and Lakes
Water covers 2,112.54 ha of the total area of the aimag and from this, rivers take up 1,998.0 ha, lakes take up 24.0 hа and industrial water funds take up the remaining 1.0 hа. Rivers such as Zulzaga, Sharyn Gol, Yeruu, Orkhon, Khuitnii and Khavchuun that are originated from the Khangai Mountains and flow to join the Orkhon River belong to this aimag.

Forest reserve occupies 79,012 hа of the territory of the aimag and wooded forest takes up 96.4% or 76,135 ha and non-wooded forest zone occupies 3.6 % or 2,877 hа of the total forest reserve of the aimag. Natural forest covers 61,672 hа while 2,458 ha are covered in bushes, 5,983 hа in scattered-forest respectively. 11 species of flora found in this aimag territory such as couch grass of steppe, thyme, feather grass, wild onion, also trees such as pine tree, birch, poplar, aspen, bush, elm, black alder tree, eglantine and dogwood. Moreover, 9 species of wild fruits such black cherry, strawberry red berries, seabuckthorn and gooseberries are found here. The aimag is abundant in medical floras such as rooseroot, mushrooms, wild garlic and thyme.

Various kinds of animals inhabit the territory of the aimag such as bear, deer, fox, corsac, wolf, lynx, boar, musk deer, roe deer, rabbit, squirrel, and badger. There are 12 species of water birds such as swan and scoter also 14 species of birds such as bobwhite, magpie and сар reside in this aimag. Also, 8 different species of fish such as taimen, lenok, dog-fish and jackfish inhabit in the waters of the aimag.

Other information
One of the biggest industrial centers of Mongolia, Darkhan City was established on October 17, 1961 relaying upon the Davkharyn Rail Road Station and construction material mining site. Darkhan City changed its name into Darkhan-Uul Aimag according to the State Great Khural's 32nd proposal of 1994.
The city was established with the help from the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany, which were the member countries of the Mutual Assistance Council.
Many historically and culturally significant places exist in Darkhan. For example, Darkhan Mountain, Buural Mountain, Muul Mointain, Noyon Khongor, Khatan Mountain, the historic site where 300 Taichuud tribe were defeated by Mongols, ancient city remains at Orkhon River Valley, Zochin Rock, Bichigt Rock and stone tombs belonging to the Khunnu period. Natural scenic places including a place called Kharuutstai, Zulzaga Resort in Khongor Sum and Dardai and Sharyn Tsagaan lakes exist in this aimag.
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