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General info, distance of Dornogovi
Home Provinces of Mongolia Dornogovi aimagGeneral info, distance of Dornogovi
The general information of Dornogovi aimag
Content Data Description
Founded year 1931 -
Name of the aimag's center Sainshand with a Sum status
Coordinates 44°53'N 110°09'E -
Number of the sums (territorial administrative units) 14 including Sainshand (aimag's center)
Total territory 109,742km² -
- forestry (saxaul, larch, shrubs) 158,432 ha. -
- agricultured land 78,3 ha. -
- pasture land 10,787,218.0 ha. -
Time zone GMT+8 Add 8 hours to Greenwich Mean Time
Area code +976-7052-xxxx 976 - country code 7052 - aimag code

Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag (Sainshand), km
Ulaanbaatar - Sainshand 630
Distance from center of aimag to center of sum, km
Airag 124 Urgun
Altanshiree 84 Saikhandulaan 97
Dalanjargalan 149 Ulaanbadrakh 133
Delgerekh 137 Khatanbulag 230
Zamyn-Uud 218 Khuvsgul 161
Ikh Khet 162 Erdene 103
Mandakh 170    
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