Mongolia overview

Mongolia is a parliamentary republic in central Asia bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south, east and west. Mongolia is a country of blue skies, boundless steppes, dense forests, unique deserts, crystal clear river and lakes, magnificent monuments of Buddhism, an ancient history and unique nomadic culture, traditions, customs and colorful festivals.

Territory: 1,564,116 sq km (19th largest country in the world)
Population: 3,129,196 people
Capital: Ulaanbaatar (largest cities: Darkhan, Erdenet)
Official language: Mongolian
Major religion: Buddhism
Currency: Tugrug (MNT, code 496)
Time zone: +5 (GMT+8) and +4 (GMT+7). At the moment, Mongolia does not use daylight saving time.

Public Holidays:
- New Year's Day: January 1
- Tsagaan sar (Lunar New Year): 3 days in February
- International Women's Day: March 8
- Mothers' and Children's Day: June 1
- Naadam festival: July 11-13
- Genghis Khan's birthday: First day of the first winter month of the year
- Independence Day: December 29

President: Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ (2008)
Highest organ of State power and the supreme legislative power: State Great Khural (Parliament)
Supreme executive power: Government
Highest court in the judicial system of Mongolia: Supreme Court of Mongolia
Administrative units: Mongolia is divided into 21 aimags (provinces)

Internet domain: .mn
ISO code: MN
IOCcode: MGL

Country Code: +976
Electric current: 220V/50Hz
Weight and measures: Metric system

Emergency Phone Numbers:
Fire - 101
Police - 102
Medical - 103
Rescue - (495) 937-9911

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