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Sukhbaatar aimag

The general information of Sukhbaatar aimag
Content Data Description
Founded year 1943 -
Name of the aimag's center Baruun-Urt with a Sum status
Coordinates 46°11'N 113°17'E -
Number of sums (territorial administrative units) 13 including Baruun-Urt (aimag's center)
Total territory 82,287.15 km2 -
- forestry 80.8 ha -
- agricultured land 435.7 ha -
- pasture land 6,814,222.0 ha -
Time zone GMT+8 Add 8 hours to Greenwich Mean Time
Area code +976-7051-xxxx 976 - country code
7051 - aimag code

Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag (Baruun-Urt ), km
Ulaanbaatar - Baruun-Urt 556
Distance from center of aimag to center of sum, km
Asgat 48 Sukhbaatar 50
Bayandelger 135 Tuvshinshiree 136
Dariganga 168 Tumentsogt 140
Munkhkhaan 103 Uulbayan 80
Naran 212 Khalzan 65
Ongon 160 Erdenetsagaan 216

Sukhbaatar aimag's territory lies on the southern parts of the Great Eastern Plains of Mongolia and belongs to the steppe region. The northern and northwestern parts of the aimag have many mountains and hills such as Munkhkhaan Mountain Range with steep sides and pointy crown. Sounthern parts of the aimag lie in the mountain steppe zone of Dariganga Volcano Region which includes the highest peaks of the Eastern Mongolia steppe. In between of these 2 regions lays plain steppe.
Aimag's total border length is 1,340km and borders with the People's Republic of China to the south for 485km, Dornogovi Aimag to the west for 165km, Khentii Aimag to the north for 260km and Dornod Aimag to the northeast for 430km respectively.
Most of the territory of the aimag is elevated at 1,000 to 1,200m above sea level. The highest point, Shiliin Bogd Mountain, is elevated at 1,778m above sea level and the lowest point, Baishint Region, is elevated at 790m above sea level.

Sukhbaatar Aimag has the most severe climate of the main land and therefore is important to predict the harsh climate changes accurately and effectively to prevent and reduce possible harmful impacts on the region's economy and other social sectors.

Sukhbaatar Aimag is rich with natural resources. Tungsten deposit of Chono Gol in Erdenetsagaan Sum, coal deposits of Bumbat and Khulgar Ar and many other rich deposits of gold, copper, molybdenum, alabaster, zinc and iron are found in this aimag. Light brown soil is dominant throughout the aimag.

Rivers and Lakes
Sukhbaatar is considered to be a region with limited amount of surface water, with no rivers that have a constant flow. It has about 20 small lakes, and 200 springs and streams, including Talbulag, Aryn Nuur, Rashaant, Ereen Tolgoi, Dalai Bulag, Gashuun, Tsavchir, Uvdug, Modongiin Khudag, Tsagaan Bulag etc. A spring which founts and runs along the edge of Ongon and Moltsog sand dunes that stretches to the northwest and many small lakes and ponds in the hollow areas can be found in the southern parts of the aimag. As the aimag is considered to be the region with a limited source of water there are no big lakes in the area. Yet it has 28 lakes with a constant water feed, 8 small lakes that are only fed with rain water. Out of these lakes 14 are situated in Dariganga sum territory. Among them are Ganga, Duut, Dagshin, Kholboo, Goviin Tsagaan, Khuduu, Uvur Khurem, Zegstei and Ulaan lakes with constant water feed.

Mostly elm, myricaria, spiraea, wild rose, ephedra sinica, agropyron, wild oats, bird-cherry tree, ephedra monosperma, couch grass, wild leak, wild onion and feather grass grow here. Local herbs including liquorice, atragene sibirica, nettle, ribes diacanthum, plantain and many others grow in the territory of the aimag. Astragalus and lagopsis supina grow in the Bayandelger and Dariganga sum areas. Herbane grows in Erdenetsagaan Sum.
Thyme is widely spread throughout the region. Dariganga, Ongon, Bayandelger, Naran, Erdenetsagaan, Sukhbaatar, Tumentsogt sums have numerous scenic oases that are abundant in bushes like elm, apricot and willows. Also, the region is abundant with wormwood, stipa capillata and wild leek.

Mostly steppe animals inhabit the area. Antelope, marmot, wolf, fox, steppe fox, badger, wildcat, skunk, rabbit, gopher and porcupine are widely found throughout the aimag. Khar Yamat area of Tumentsogt Sum in the northern parts of the aimag, Lkhanchinvandad area of Erdenetsagaan Sum in the southern parts are a home to a deer and a roe deer. Argali the mountain wild sheep inhabits the Khavtsal, Delgerkhaan Malgar mountain of Tuvshinshiree sum in the western parts of the aimag. Black tailed antelope inhabits the Ongon, Bayandelger and Naran sums in the southwest of the aimag.
The population of the antelopes is reducing year by year. In 1997, about 256 thousand antelopes were counted officially but in 2004, the antelope population reduced to 95 thousand.
Many species of birds including dove, eagle, vulture, lark, swallow, crow, kite, falcon, hawk, buzzard, owl, barred owl, magpie, common owl, hoopoe and partridge live in the area. Some species like demoiselle crane, whooper swan, bustard, duck, goose, Pallas's sand grouse, mandarin duck, sea gull and cuckoo migrate through the area. Endangered species of birds like the whooper swan and houbara bustard inhabit the lakes of Dariganga.

Other information
The aimag has many unique scenic places. About 200 extinct volcanoes exist in Dariganga Sum. The 127 to 248 kilometer square Ongon and Moltsog sand dunes stretch through Dariganga and Ongon sum territories. Strictly protected Lkhanchinvandad Mountain is located in Erdenetsagaan sum. The aimag has many caves including some 70 caves of Bayan Uul in Munkhkhaan Sum, Bayandulaan and Talyn caves located in Naran and Dariganga sums.
Ancient animal and plant fossils can be found in Baishint, Khodoodiin Govi, and Khorgoljingiin Tal, and vast areas with stone formations including Log, Budar, Zaraa, Turungu, Delgerkhaan and Khargiltai are found here.
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