General info, distance of Sukhbaatar

The general information of Sukhbaatar aimag
Founded year 1943
Center of aimag Baruun-Urt
Coordinates 46°11'N 113°17'E
Number of sums 13
Territory 82,287.15 km2
Time zone GMT+8
Area code +976-7051-....
Distance from Ulaanbaatar to Baruun-Urt, km
Ulaanbaatar - Baruun-Urt 556
Distance from center of aimag to center of sums, km
Asgat 48
Bayandelger 135
Dariganga 168
Munkhkhaan 103
Naran 212
Ongon 160
Sukhbaatar 50
Tuvshinshiree 136
Tumentsogt 140
Uulbayan 80
Khalzan 65
Erdenetsagaan 216

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