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Are you looking for transfer service in Mongolia?

We offer a full range of transfer services in Mongolia - meeting at the airport/train station and delivery to the hotel and back, moving around Ulaanbaatar and other regions of the country. Our service allows you to travel in total safety thanks to professional - fully insured drivers. On request you may be given the road transport of any class.

You can now book online your Mongolia transfer service, in just 5 simple steps. Please choose from a variety of car options and types including sedans, off-roads, vans and buses and fill out the car enquiry form. Alternatively, you can send an email to and including your detailed requests. Contact us.

Ulaanbaatar Airport transfer service (one way)
Cars /1-2 pax/ 40$
Vans /3-6 pax/ 70$
Bus /12-18 pax/ 90$
Bus /24 pax/ 100$
Bus /45 pax/ 140$

Ulaanbaatar Train station transfer service (one way)
Cars /1-2 pax/ 20$
Vans /3-6 pax/ 50$
Bus /12-18 pax/ 70$
Bus /24 pax/ 90$
Bus /45 pax/ 120$

Transfer service Daily rate pricing
Cars /1-2 pax/ 60$
Vans /3-6 pax/ 70$
Off-road /1-3 pax/ 100$
Bus /12-18 pax/ 120$
Bus /24 pax/ 140$
Bus /45 pax/ 160$

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