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Some people are drawn to Mongolia for its ancient history, great Genghis Khan (1162-1227),  founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, some for its rich nomadic traditional culture, but for many, it is the country's breathtaking wild nature includes snow-capped mountain ranges with glacial rivers, eye-widening vast steppes, Golden Gobi desert, abundant biodiversity that makes Mongolia truly unique among world destinations. Mongolia is a home to the huge variety of mammals, plants, reptiles, birds and fish; the taimen fish growing up to one and half meters in length has been recorded in Mongolia. Nowadays Mongolia is a fascinating and rapidly changing country. Ancient nomadic customs and habits hang on as modern skyscrapers go up. 
What is the best season to embark on a Mongolia Tour?
June, July and August are the peak tourist months at Mongolia's most popular destinations. The weather is also the most comfortable during these months. July and August are also a great time to explore Khuvsgul Lake, June, July and August – Gobi Desert.
How safe is to travel Mongolia?
Mongolia is actually an incredibly safe place in the world and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. You will receive exceptional Mongolian hospitality. Also, during the tour you will take care of your driver and guide, who periodically contacts with a company central office. Nevertheless, beware of pickpockets on street and crowded places.
What time zone is Mongolia?
Mongolia is 8 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+8).
What's weather like?
Mongolia is a country with harsh climate conditions, because it is located in the center of Eurasia, far from oceans or seas, and the highest point is 4,374 m (14,350 ft.). Ulaanbaatar is known with its coldest temperature of any capital in the world; long, cold winters (November, December and January) and short summers (June, July and August), during which most of its annual precipitation falls. In average, 257 days a year is cloudless and most of the country's territory is hot in the summer and extremely cold in winter with the average dropping as low as -30 C° (-22 °F) in January and +22 C° (72 °F) in July. For more see the Mongolia geography & climate.
How do I get to Mongolia?
Most vistors fly into Mongolia. International flights arrive in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Mongolian Airlines is the national air carrier and offers flights from many destinations. Also, you can use the services of other carriers like Aeroflot (Russian Airlines), Air China, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines. You should consult our travel manager for available flights. If traveling from Russia, and China, you can cross the borders by road transport or train.
What is the electricity voltage in Mongolia? What electric outlets are used?
Many countries use 110 or 120 Volts AC current, with the wall outlets using various volt types. Electricity in Mongolia is at 220 Volts, 50Hz; you can purchase a converter and transformer at most hardware stores for your 220V appliances. Check your camera and/or laptop computer chargers – your may be able to use it with an adapter for the electrical outlet.
Do I need any shots or immunizations to travel to Mongolia?
There are no particular immunizations that are required for entry into Mongolia.
What is the Exchange Rate and local currency?
Mongolian official currency is the Tugrug (MNT) currently about 2470 MNT to $1 US. The rate changes daily against the US dollar. Please check for the most current exchange rate, a very useful website, before you leave for your Mongolia trip.
Can I use a credit card in Mongolia?
Of course, we recommend you to bring your credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay) to Mongolia.
DO I BOOK ONLINE? is designed to make online enquiry and booking as easy as possible. To start enquire online, click on the Book now button on your desired tour page, fill in the booking form. Expect our manager to get back to you within 24 hr. For more see the How to book a tour.
Can I pick my own departure dates for your set departure tours?
Of course. In this case contact us by e-mail. Our manager will arrange this for you.
What is tourist Ger camp
Ger camp is a comfortable tourist camp, which has a Mongolian national style, includes 2-4 bedded 30-40 Gers and provides a very comfortable stopover for journey. Usually tourist Ger camps situated right in the midst of the beauty of nature and suited for those who want to experience nature at its best. Ger camps has toilet and shower on the territory of complex, offer tour services, including horse or camel riding, local folklore concert. Well trained and supportive staff: manager, cook, waitress and horsemen. The best way to see Mongolian nomadic culture is at tourist Ger camp! For more see the What is tourist Ger camp?
Can I make my own trip itinerary?
Yes. Please, contact us by e-mail. Our manager will arrange this for you.
Can children go on a tour?
Our tours have no age limit.
Do i need travel insurance?
Yes. We strongly recommend you consider purchasing a valid Travel Insurance in your country.
Which payment options are available?
We accept the following payment options: Credit cards, Bank transfer, Cash payment. We are unable to accept personal cheques as payment. For more see the How to Make Payment.
Are flights to Mongolia included in the tour price?
Our tour do not include international flights. However our team can advise on travel options for getting to and from arrival and departure points.
Do I need a Mongolian Tourist Visa?
A Mongolian tourist visa is required for nationals of most countries. For citizens of the following countries, issuing a tourist visa is not required: USA, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and ... (just a valid passport). For more see the List of countries that require no visa to visit Mongolia.
How to obtain a Mongolian Tourist Visa?
To obtain a Mongolian tourist visa, you must first obtain an invitation (visa support) issued by an authorized organization. You should then take that invitation to the Mongolian consulate in your country in order to obtain an actual visa. For more see the Mongolian Visa Support Application: Step by Step Guide.
Can I travel to Mongolia if my passport has 2 month before it expires?
All foreigners arriving in Mongolia should have a valid passport with at least 6 months left before expiry date to get an entry visa.
All of our tours are conducted in English, Russian or Chinese only.
What hotels will I stay in Mongolia?
Khan Expedition provides you with the best value in 3* to 4* hotels in cities. Check in is generally at 2 PM, Check out – at 12AM. When necessary, hotel substitutions are of similar quality standard.
Is there a place to leave excess luggage we do not need for our trip in Mongolia?
You can also leave luggage with your first hotel and reclaim at the end of the trip.
Is the internet available in hotels of Mongolia?
Free 'Wi-Fi' Internet access is available at all hotels of Ulaanbatar. However, when you're traveling in remote provinces internet access will be either limited or non-existent.
And since you're in Mongolia, don't miss the chance to try some our national dishes. Most of Mongolian traditional food is made from meat and milk products. Most popular dishes are buuz, khuushuur, khorkhog and we highly recommend exploring the many flavours and varieties offered by Mongolian cuisine. Also, many restaurants in our cities serves cheap but good European and Asian food. For more see the Food and Drink in Mongolia.
Is the tap water safe to drink?
The tap water is generally safe to drink in Mongolia. Nevertheless, we recommend you drink bottled or boiled water which is readily available in hotels, shops and restaurants. Also, we will supply you with bottled mineral water during the tour.
How can I request special meals?
Special meal requests or dietary needs should be discussed with your tour guide when you arrive for your tour. Your guide will tend to all of your needs.

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