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Tuv aimag

The general information of Tuv aimag
Content Data Description
Founded year 1931 -
Name of the aimag's center Zuunmod with a Sum status
Coordinates 47°30'N 106°15'E -
Number of the sums (territorial administrative units) 27 including Zuunmod (aimag's center)
Total territory 74,042.37 km² -
- forestry (saxaul, larch, shrubs) 544,511.2 ha -
- agricultured land 94,967.0 ha -
- pasture land 3,302,924.0 ha -
Time zone GMT+8 Add 8 hours to Greenwich Mean Time
Area code +976-7027-xxxx 976 - country code
7027 - aimag code

Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag (Zuunmod ), km
Ulaanbaatar - Zuunmod 43
Distance from center of aimag to center of sum, km
Altanbulag 48 Buren 172
Argalant 110 Delgerkhaan 223
Arkhust 108 Jargalant 160
Bayan 82 Zaamar 205
Batsumber 102 Lun 160
Bayandelger 112 Mungunmorit 188
Bayanjargalan 140 Undurshireet 216
Bayan-Unjuul 125 Sergelen 15
Bayankhangai 131 Sumber 185
Bayantsagaan 113 Ugtaal 177
Bayantsogt 116 Tseel 202
Bayanchandmani 90 Erdene 85
Bornuur 141 Erdenesant 247

The area of Tuv aimag is considered as part of the Khentii-Khangai Mountain Range and eastern Mongolian plains. Large mountains and valleys lie in the north of the aimag and a steppe with small hills and mounds sit in the south of the aimag. The territory of the aimag is located at the southwestern edge of the Khentii Mountain Range and at the eastern edge of the Khangai Mountain ranges. It is bordered with Khentii Aimag to the east, Govisumber and Dundgovi aimags to the south, Uvurkhangai and Bulgan aimags to the west and Selenge Aimag to the north. Most of the territory of Tuv Aimag is elevated at 1,200 to 1,500m above sea level. The highest point is Asralt Khairkhan, the peak of the Khentii Mountain Range, elevated at 2,800m above sea level. Ulaanbaatar City is located within the territory of the aimag.

Tuv Aimag has a harsh mainland climate. The annual average temperature is -1.8°C. The minimum temperature is estimates as -20.5°C in January and the maximum is +15.4°C in July. Annual average precipitation is 270.8mm and average wind speed reaches to 2.8m/sec.

The northern territory of the aimag is covered with brown soil that is suitable for agriculture and in the southern territory lays the plains with small hills and mounds. Steppe brown and light brown soil is dominated through the southern and western parts of the aimag. Forest and meadow dark brown and gray soil is spread through the northeastern part of the aimag. The area is rich with mineral resources including coal found in Tugrug Lake, iron ore, lead, wolfram, pure and cloudy crystal, spar, azure, turquoise, chalcedony, tin and others.
Khuleriin and Khuderiin Am are the areas with large swamps. Along the Tuul riversides, sand covers the soil.

Rivers and Lakes
Surface water is abundant in the northern areas of the aimag, including the Tuul River and its inflows Terelj, Gachuurt, Khongor, Khag, Uliastai and Khar Bukh rivers, headstreams and springs of Kharaa, Yeruu, Minj, Zakhar, Kherlen, and the Tenuun rivers. But in the southern areas of the aimag, surface water is not so plenty. There are about 50 lakes with a total area of 0.5km² or more.
The surface water of this aimag is divided into 3 basins, the Arctic Ocean Basin, the Pacific Ocean Basin and the Central Asian Basin. And junction point of these 3 basins, the Tsogtchandmani Mountain, which is located in the area of Erdene Sum of Tuv Aimag.

Trees like cedar, larch, aspen, bush, pine, larch, black alder and cornelian cherry. Berry bushes like species of plum, bird cherry, black currant and dog rose. Wild vegetables like wild onion, spring onion shallot, wild leek, wild garlic, silverweed, mushroom and herbs like licorice, seabuckthorn, hippophae, gentian, Bergenia crassifolia, bush tea and bind weed grow in the Khentii-Khangai Mountain Range.
Total area of the forest is 1,445.3 thousand ha and 90.8% or 1,312.7 thousand ha is covered with the actual forest and the remaining 9.2% or 132.6 thousand ha is an area that just surrounds the forest itself. Natural grown forest area is 977.8 thousand ha; planted trees and bushes total area is 166.6 ha. Whereas 504.8 thousand ha larch, 76.5 thousand ha pine, 273.3 thousand ha cedar, 4.4 thousand ha evergreen, 110 thousand ha birch, 4.6 thousand ha bush and 2 thousand ha aspen grow in the forest.

The 16 species of endangered animals including deer, doe, moose, Argali the wild sheep, snowcock, swan etc. inhabit the area of Tuv Aimag. About 30 different species of game animals like squirrel, fox, marmot, steppe fox, boar, bear, lynx etc. live in the area too.

Other information
Cultural and historical sights: Historical sight complex in the southern valley of Ungut Mountain in Altanbulag Sum. Tombs and burial grounds belonging to various ages at the site of Morin Tolgoi. Khunnu tombs at Kharaa Mountain in Batsumber Sum. Gua Dov ancient city ruins in Bayanjargal Sum. Scripted stone monument of the Turkic era at Gashuun Baltastai in Bayantsagaan Sum. Ruins of homestead at Boroo in Bornuur Sum. The Stone Writing by Tsogt Taij in 1624, at Duutyn Khar Chuluu and a Turkic monument complex dedicated to Kul-Chur at Ikh Khushuut in Delgerkhaan Sum. Manzushir (Manjusri) Monastery ruins and engraved rock portraits in the vallye of Zuun Mod Mountain in Zuunmod Sum. Petroglyphs at Tereljiin Durvuljin, Burkhiin Durvuljin in Mungunmorit Sum and at Uyangiin Uzuur in Undurshireet Sum. Scripted stone monument of Tonyukuk at the site of Ar Janchivlan and Princes Temple at Baruunbayan in Erdene Sum.
Natural sights: Khagiin Khar Lake, Khentii Lake, Yest Spring, Ar and Uvur Janchivlin springs, Buuruljuut Spring, Asralt Khairkhan mountain, Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, Nagalkhan Mountain, Khustai Mountain Range, Eej (Mother) Rock, Khavirga Mountain pass, Yamaatyn Saridag, Bayan, Bosgo and Tenger mountain passes.
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