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General info, distance of Zavkhan aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Zavkhan aimagGeneral info, distance of Zavkhan aimag
Selective breeds of local live stock such as Tulman Khukht goat, Bulnai Ox, Tes river horse, Sartuul Uutsan Suult sheep, Cashmere Khar goat, Talyn Ulaan cow are dominant among the domestic animals. Zavkhan aimag has an Economics College which is a branch college of the Mongolian National University.
Border crossing point to the Russian Federation the Artssuuri point is located in the Tes sum territory of Zavkhan province.

The general information of Zavkhan aimag
Content Data Description
Founded year 1923 -
Name of the aimag's center Uliastai with a Sum status
Coordinates 48°0'N 96°15'E -
Number of sums (territorial administrative units) 24 including Uliastai (aimag's center)
Total territory 82,455.66 km2 -
- forestry 490,729.5 ha -
- agricultured land 3,313.4 ha -
- pasture land 6,105,968.0 ha -
Time zone GMT+8 Add 8 hours to Greenwich Mean Time
Area code +976-7046-xxxx 976 - country code
7046 - aimag code

Distance from Ulaanbaatar to the center of aimag (Uliastai ), km
Ulaanbaatar - Uliastai 1,115
Distance from center of aimag to center of sum, km
Aldarkhaan 32 Tosontsengel 181
Asgat 224 Tudevtei 196
Bayantes 290 Telmen 122
Bayankhairkhan 255 Tes 267
Durvuljin 143 Urgamal 236
Zavkhanmandal 167 Tsagaankhairkhan 44
Ider 75 Tsagaanchuluut 97
Ikh-Uul 224 Tsetsen-Uul 247
Numrug 152 Shiluustei 135
Otgon 128 Erdenekhairkhan 115
Santmargats 292 Yaruu 56
Songino 232    
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