Gutal - Mongolian traditional style boots

Gutal - Mongolian traditional style bootsGutal - Mongolian traditional style boots. Mongolian boots or gutal is nowhere in the world with its traditional style and derivation. It was founded in the period of Khunnu, 200 B.C., and the shape of recent form was created during the XII century. Foreigners might be interested in the shape of gutal with its slightly upturned toes. It is not a decoration but has several reasons as to why it takes this form. The space inside upturned toes circulates air that keeps warm in winter and cool in summer, also the sole of a boot is smooth and won't dig the grass. The upper side is made by thick buffalo or horse skin that is very convenient in riding as well as wrestling. The socks are worn specially made for gutal by cotton or felt. The gutal is handmade work and has up to 32 ornaments which each one show the origin of nationality.
The biggest boot created by human is a Mongolian traditional gutalThe biggest boot created by human is a Mongolian traditional gutal. The biggest boot created by human is a Mongolian traditional gutal, a 9 m tall and is preserved at the Genghis Khan Statue Complex in Tsonjin Boldog. To create this boot a total of 225 pieces of buffalo skin, 4,500 meters of rope, 120 m² of felt, 72 m² of sponge, 13 m³ of wood, 300 liters of glue and 180 m² of tarpaulin were used. The Gutal was initiated to create by 18 years old girl B.Nomin who spent two years with assistance of 10 craftsmen and cost about 200,000,000 MNT (approximately 150,000 USD by 2011 rates).

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