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How to obtain a Mongolian Visa
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In order to get a Mongolian tourist visa, the first thing you need is an invitation from a travel company of Mongolia. After that, you can apply for the visa at a Mongolian Consulate or Embassy in your country.

Step 1. Get the Invitation.
We provide it once you complete your tour reservation.
Please mail us the following information (to and
- Scanned copy of passport: Passport valid for 6 months beginning first trip day
- Gender
- Passport number
- Passport Validity /expiry date/
- Date of birth
- Place of birth
- Nationality
- Citizenship
- Address of Embassy or Consulate, where you applying visa
- Date of arrival and departure of Mongolia

Based on this information, our travel company will apply for an invitation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar. The invitation will be ready on the same day or the next business day (depending on maturity) and sent to you via e-mail. You will then need to print it out.

Step 2: Fill Out Visa Application Form
Download, then print and fill out the Mongolian Tourist Visa Application Form.

Step 3. Apply for a Mongolian Visa.
Submit the following documents at the Embassy or Consulate of Mongolia in your country to obtain a tourist visa:
- Passport valid at least for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip
- Visa Application Form
- One passport size photo (Should be recent and good quality)
- Invitation from travel company of Mongolia
- Visa fee (depends on the type of visa, the country where you apply, and your citizenship)

Step 4: Get your visa and have a nice trip to Mongolia
After five working days you can get your passport with Mongolian visa at the embassy or consulate of Mongolia. The visa is valid for 30 days from the date of crossing the border of Mongolia. You must enter Mongolia within three months from the date of issue of the visa.

Note that citizens of some countries do not currently need a visa in order to visit Mongolia:

1. Belarus - no visa within 90 days
2. Brazil - no visa within 90 days
3. Canada - no visa within 30 days
4. Cuba - no visa within 30 days
5. Georgia (no visa within 90 days)
6. Germany - no visa within 30 days
7. Honk Kong - no visa within 14 days
8. Indonesia - no visa within 30 days
9. Israel - no visa within 30 days
10. Japan - no visa within 30 days
11. Kazakhstan - no visa within 90 days
12. Kyrgyzstan - no visa within 90 days
13. Laos - no visa within 30 days
14. Macao - no visa within 90 days
15. Malaysia - no visa within 30 days
16. Philippines - no visa within 30 days
17. Russia - no visa within 30 days
18. Serbia - no visa within 30 days
19. Singapore - no visa within 14 days
20. Thailand - no visa within 30 days
21. Turkey - no visa within 30 days
22. Ukraine - no visa within 90 days (required an official invitation)
23. USA - no visa within 90 days
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