Nemegt Mountain, Khermen Tsav

Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Nemegt MountainNemegt Mountain is located 400km west of Dalanzadgad, one of the places rich with dinosaur fossils. Its muddy red cliffs look astonishing. Those cliffs are similar to Bayanzag cliffs. Also, Nemegt, Altan Uul, Tugrug Shiree, Ukhaa Tolgod, Khermen Tsav etc. places are rich with dinosaur fossils.
Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Khermen TsavKhermen Tsav known as the dinosaur fossil rich area, located in the extreme west of the Umnugovi aimag, about 460km west of Dalanzadgad, is really difficult to reach. There is no water and no human settlements in this place. This is a hollow pit like place with two entrances, and temperatures can reach up to +40 - +50C

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