Khuvsgul Lake

Mongolia travel destinations: Khuvsgul LakeKhuvsgul Lake, the Blue Pearl of Mongolia is surrounded by lush green hills, mountains reaching for the sky, and dense alpine forests of taiga, is one of most visited tourist attractions in Mongolia located in Khuvsgul province. The lake known as the Dalai Eej (Ocean Mother) is the largest crystal freshwater lake by volume in Mongolia, the 10th most voluminous in Asia and the second deepest in Central Asia, containing roughly 0,9% of the world's unfrozen surface fresh water. Khuvsgul is one of seventeen ancient lakes in the world, being more than 2 million years old. Lake length - 136km, width - 39km; total area - 25km². The surface of Khuvsgul Lake is located at 1,650m (5413ft) above sea level, with a maximum depth of 267m (876ft). 96 rivers and streams flow into the lake that was created 2.5-3million years ago by tectonic activities. Khuvsgul is drained at the south end by the River Egiin Gol, which connects to the River Selenge and ultimately into Lake Baikal (Russia), making 60 percent of its water. The majestic mountain ranges of Khuvsgul, thick forests surrounding the lake, rivers and valleys, amazing and majestic nature scenery, Tsaatan are tourist attractions of their own. Main tourist activities: fishing, kayaking, boat rental, trekking, hiking, camping, horseback riding, enjoy the natural beauty, car excursions.

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