Erdenet City

Erdenet CityOrkhon aimag was established as Erdenet city in 1976, in the territory of Bulgan aimag. Nowadays Erdenet city is the capital of Orkhon aimag, one of the biggest mining industrial centers of the country. Erdenet city is elevated at 1,200m above sea level forming its own micro-climate. Orkhon aimag was established in 1992 with 2 sums, Bayan-Undur and Jargalant. Since then, Erdenet City became the capital of Orkhon aimag. In Erdenet City, Mongolia-Russia joint venture Erdenet Mining Corporation, Copper and Molybdenum Concentration Plant is located. And also many other factories like a carpet factory, food and beverage factory and metal processing factory are located in Erdenet city. The city is connected to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar by paved road.
Since the center of the aimag, Erdenet city, is located in the area of Bayan-Undur Sum, this sum area can also be considered as part of the city. Erdenet City is divided into 3 regions; apartment region, ger district region and factory region.

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