Reindeer people, Tsaatan nomad family

Mongolia travel destinations: Reindeer people, Tsaatan nomad familyKhuvsgul is the land of the Tsaatan reindeer herdsmen, a branch of the Turkic-speaking Tuvinian or Dukha ethnic group. The Tsaatans or Reindeer people (Reindeer Herders) are an indigenous people inhabiting the deep remotest forests of the Darkhad Basin, which covers a vast territory of Renchinlkhumbe, Tsagaan-Uul and Ulaan-Uul sums of Khuvsgul aimag and comprises 42 700 hectares. Tsaatans ethnic minority live in the extreme nature conditions, but they truly keep preserving their traditional way of life. Language natively spoken is Uighur. The Tsaatans sense of community is structured around the reindeer. Their intriguing culture and tradition, shamanism religion is what draw tourist to visit this region. Important aspect of Tsaatans culture are the wedding, funeral customs, hunting, hut building, transportaion, holidays and festivals, that Reindeer people follow so passionately and devotedly. By watching or even participating in these tradition, one can get a better understanding of the cultural and historical background of the Reindeer people.

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