Flora and Fauna of Selenge aimag

Flora and Fauna of Selenge aimagFlora. The 42% of Selenge aimag's territory is covered by forest and the remaining parts are covered by pasture plants. River basins are covered with bushes. Pine trees make the most of the forest, but almost all of the kinds of trees which belong to Khangai Forest region like cedar, larch, birch, aspen, fir, silver fir and poplar grow here. Larch grows in about 508.5 thousand square kilometer area, pine wood in 407.2 thousand, cedar in 178.8 thousand, fir in 10.9 thousand, birch in 583.9 thousand, aspen in 3.8 thousand, poplar in 5.1 thousand square kilometer area.
The area of aimag is rich with fruit and berry bushes like strawberry, red currant, black currant, blackberry, blueberry, black cherry, hawthorn and raspberry. Pine nuts and various types of mushrooms are also widely found in Selenge aimag.

Fauna. The area of Selenge aimag is rich with wild animals like bear, lynx, fox, wolf, Pallas wildcat, ermine, weasel, badger, deer, moose, antelope and boar. World widely endangered rodents with an expensive fur like sable and ondatra are inhabited in Orkhon-Selenge, Kharaa, and Yeruu river basins. Swan, goose, crane, bustard, partridge, hazel grouse, wood grouse, quail, eagle, hawk, vulture and buzzard inhabits in the area. Perch, pike, burbot and white fish are inhabited in the rivers and lakes of Selenge aimag.

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