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Soil, Rivers and Lakes of Selenge aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Selenge aimagSoil, Rivers and Lakes of Selenge aimag
Soil, Rivers and Lakes of Selenge aimagRivers and Lakes. The largest river of Mongolia is Selenge that flows through this aimag. Therefore, the aimag is named after the Selenge river. Orkhon, Tuul, Kharaa, Yeruu, Iven, Burgaltai, Shuren, Mankhtai, Sharyn Gol and other many rivers are part of the Selenge river basin. Dardaa, Ishgent, Gun Nuur, Sharyn Tsagaan, Tsagaan and Tushig lakes, Yeruu, Tovkhonkhany, Khondyn, Mogoin springs are situated in this Selenge aimag.

Soil. Most part of the area has mountainous dark soil with some sediment soil in the river valleys. Selenge aimag is an agriculture based province. Most of the farm land, crop and wheat field of Mongolia are concentrated here in Orkhon-Selenge Valley. The aimag harvests about 40% of total wheat of the country, alone. Wood mills, flour mills, spirits and distilling factory, train maintenance workshops are all located here.
Jurassic era sediment deposits are spread throughout the northwest, wordian granite throughout the south, and metamorphic granite throughout the north of the aimag. Selenge aimag is rich with mineral resources such as coal, (Ulaan Tolgoi, Sharyn Gol etc), iron ore (Tumurtei, Tumur Tolgoi), gold (Ikh Altat, Bugant, Tolgoit), silver ore, copper, luster, lead and limestone.
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