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Eagle Valley
Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Eagle ValleyYol Am canyon, known as Eagle Valley (lammergeyer's mouth), is the scenic gorge in the middle of the Gobi desert with thick ice all year-round. The name was given due to its large number of Yol or lammergeyer population. Eagle Valley located in the east mountains of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountain National Park, about 60km northwest of Dalanzadgad, center of Umnugovi aimag. It is a beautiful place with clear air, cold streams and surrounded with distinctive rock formations. Ice and snow in the bottom of the gorge remains frozen until the end of the July. Juniper grows here. Early in the morning or late in the evening people can spot rare animals like wild goats and lammergeyer in this gorge. Main tourist activities: trekking, hiking, camping, enjoy the natural beauty.

Bayanzag, "Flaming Cliffs"
Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Bayanzag, Flaming CliffsThe principal tourist attractions in Umnugovi aimag in Mongolia, the ancient seabed, Bayanzag has a treasure package of late Crafeceous dinosaurs. Bayanzag is rich with dinosaurs fossils, fossilized skeletons, eggs, saxsaul trees and that is why this name "Bayanzag or Rich in Saxaul" was given to it. In 1921, the US paleontologist expedition led by Roy Chapman Andrews, an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist, found from here Protoceratops and Tarbosaurus skeletons, dinosaurs that were living in the area hundreds of million years ago, for the first time in Asia. At that time, the Mongolian Government had exchanged this Tarbosaurus skeleton for two Ford vehicles and nowadays this skeleton is displayed at the National History Museum in NYC. At sunset, red cliffs in the area look like as if they are burning in flame, so Roy Chapman Andrews named this place "Flaming Cliffs" in 1921. Bayanzag is located in the valley of Arts Bogd Mountain, about 120km northwest of Dalanzadgad. Main tourist activities: trekking, hiking, camping, enjoy the natural beauty, paleontology.

Khongor sand dunes
Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Khongor sand dunesThe Khongor sand dunes, known as the "Singing dunes", are the spectacular sight. This is the vast area of 6–12km wide, 180km long, white sand strip. Its height reaches up to 80m (a maximum height to the apex can be 300 metres). Khongor sand dunes located in the extreme south of the Gobi Desert, about 200km west of Dalanzadgad, center of Umnugovi aimag. Hiking the dunes is unique as there is no trail. Everyone blazes their own. You'll meet with views of Gobi desert, surrounding sand dunes upon reaching the top. As we walked along the ridge, this breathtaking scenery, stretched for miles in every direction, are unequaled any where else in South Gobi. When there is a high wind, it makes a similar sound of an airplane, so local people call it "Singing dune". There is a small river, the Khongor Gol with green pastures. The river is sourced by subterranean flows from the mountains forming its valley. Main tourist activities: trekking, hiking, camping, horse and camel riding, enjoy the natural beauty.

Nemegt Mountain
Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Nemegt MountainIt is located 400km west of Dalanzadgad, one of the places rich with dinosaur fossils. Its muddy red cliffs look astonishing. Those cliffs are similar to Bayanzag cliffs. Also, Nemegt, Altan Uul, Tugrug Shiree, Ukhaa Tolgod, Khermen Tsav etc. places are rich with dinosaur fossils.

Khermen Tsav
Mongolia Gobi Desert attractions: Khermen TsavKhermen Tsav, known as the dinosaur fossil rich area, located in the extreme west of the Umnugovi aimag, about 460km west of Dalanzadgad, is really difficult to reach. There is no water and no human settlements in this place. This is a hollow pit like place with two entrances, and temperatures can reach up to +40 - +50C

White Stupa
Mongolia Middle Gobi attractions: White StupaTsagaan Suvarga or White Stupa, area of 30 meter high white limestone formations, is one of the most remarkable natural phenomenas in Middle Gobi. White Stupa located on the territory of Ulziit sum of Dundgovi aimag, about 450km south of Ulaanbaatar. Having a width of about 60 meter and height - 400 meter, this amazing landform is a wind-created colourful formation of rocky cliffs which formed million years. Because of at a distance cliffs look like stupa, people respectfully call this place White Stupa. After rain water flows from cliffs like a waterfall. White Stupas view looks absolutely incredible from the east!

Baga Gazryn Chuluu
Mongolia Middle Gobi attractions: Baga Gazryn ChuluuBaga Gazryn Chuluu, a 15km long and 10km wide impressive square area of granite stone mountain formations, located in the steppe of Delgertsogt sum of Dundgovi aimag, about 230km south of Ulaanbaatar. The highest peak is Takhilgiin khavtsal Mountain, which is 1,768m above sea level. Remarkably, view of the granite mountains gives the impression that it was created by human hands. Also, the Baga Gazryn Chuluu landscape includes attractive sites such Jargalant cave, Sudut valley, Eye spring, Ger stone (ancient petroglyph relating to the Mongolia early Bronze Age), which draw attentions of many tourists.

Ikh Gazryn Chuluu
Mongolia Middle Gobi attractions: Ikh Gazryn ChuluuIkh Gazaryn Chuluu - one of the best-known travel destinations in the Middle Gobi, located on the territories of Gobi-Ugtaal and Gurvansaikhan sums of Dundgovi aimag. It's a beautiful mountain of granite rock with a peak of 1706m high and 500sq km area. Since 2003 the Ikh Gazaryn Chuluu Mountain stands under state protection.

Ongi temple
Mongolia Middle Gobi attractions: Ongi templeOngi temple located on the slope of the Mountain Saikhan-Ovoo, near the River Ongi, about 18km south of the center of Saikhan-Ovoo sum of Dundgovi aimag. The monastery was established in 1760 and originally consisted of 28 temples with Tibetian and Mongolian architectural influences, housed a community of around 300 monks. There is Ger Museum near the monastery. Items on display in the Ger Museum include collection of remnants of the old temple ornaments, Khamba Lama Damtsagdorzh's religious works, bone bowl and many religious items.
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