Flora and Fauna of Sukhbaatar aimag

Flora and Fauna of Sukhbaatar aimagFauna. Mostly steppe animals inhabit the province. Antelope, marmot, wolf, fox, steppe fox, badger, wildcat, skunk, rabbit, gopher and porcupine are widely found throughout the aimag. Khar Yamat area of Tumentsogt Sum in the northern parts of the aimag, Lkhanchinvandad area of Erdenetsagaan Sum in the southern parts are a home to a deer and a roe deer. Argali the mountain wild sheep inhabits the Khavtsal, Delgerkhaan Malgar mountain of Tuvshinshiree sum in the western parts of the aimag. Black tailed antelope inhabits the Ongon, Bayandelger and Naran sums in the southwest of Sukhbaatar aimag.
The population of the antelopes is reducing year by year. In 1997, about 256 thousand antelopes were counted officially but in 2004, the antelope population reduced to 95 thousand.
Many species of birds including dove, eagle, vulture, lark, swallow, crow, kite, falcon, hawk, buzzard, owl, barred owl, magpie, common owl, hoopoe and partridge live in the area. Some species like demoiselle crane, whooper swan, bustard, duck, goose, Pallas's sand grouse, mandarin duck, sea gull and cuckoo migrate through Sukhbaatar aimag. Endangered species of birds like the whooper swan and houbara bustard inhabit the lakes of Dariganga.

Flora. Mostly elm, myricaria, spiraea, wild rose, ephedra sinica, agropyron, wild oats, bird-cherry tree, ephedra monosperma, couch grass, wild leak, wild onion and feather grass grow in Sukhbaatar aimag. Local herbs including liquorice, atragene sibirica, nettle, ribes diacanthum, plantain and many others grow in the territory of Sukhbaatar aimag. Astragalus and lagopsis supina grow in the Bayandelger and Dariganga sums areas. Herbane grows in Erdenetsagaan Sum.
Thyme is widely spread throughout the aimag. Dariganga, Ongon, Bayandelger, Naran, Erdenetsagaan, Sukhbaatar, Tumentsogt sums have numerous scenic oases that are abundant in bushes like elm, apricot and willows. Also, Sukhbaatar aimag is abundant with wormwood, stipa capillata and wild leek.

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