Geography of Sukhbaatar aimag

Geography and meteorology of Sukhbaatar aimagGeography. Sukhbaatar aimag's territory lies on the southern parts of the Great Eastern Plains of Mongolia and belongs to the steppe region. The northern and northwestern parts of the aimag have many mountains and hills such as Munkhkhaan Mountain Range with steep sides and pointy crown. Sounthern parts of the aimag lie in the mountain steppe zone of Dariganga Volcano Region which includes the highest peaks of the Eastern Mongolia steppe. In between of these 2 regions lays plain steppe.
Sukhbaatar aimag's total border length is 1,340km and borders with the People's Republic of China to the south for 485km, Dornogovi aimag to the west for 165km, Khentii aimag to the north for 260km and Dornod aimag to the northeast for 430km respectively.
Most of the territory of Sukhbaatar aimag is elevated at 1,000 to 1,200m above sea level. The highest point, Shiliin Bogd Mountain, is elevated at 1,778m above sea level and the lowest point, Baishint Region, is elevated at 790m above sea level.

Meteorology. Sukhbaatar aimag has the most severe climate of the main land and therefore is important to predict the harsh climate changes accurately and effectively to prevent and reduce possible harmful impacts on the region's economy and other social sectors.

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