Rivers and Lakes of Sukhbaatar aimag

Rivers and Lakes of Sukhbaatar aimagRivers and Lakes. Sukhbaatar aimag is considered to be a region with limited amount of surface water, with no rivers that have a constant flow. It has about 20 small lakes, and 200 springs and streams, including Talbulag, Aryn Nuur, Rashaant, Ereen Tolgoi, Dalai Bulag, Gashuun, Tsavchir, Uvdug, Modongiin Khudag, Tsagaan Bulag etc. A spring which founts and runs along the edge of Ongon and Moltsog sand dunes that stretches to the northwest and many small lakes and ponds in the hollow areas can be found in the southern parts of the aimag. As the aimag is considered to be the region with a limited source of water there are no big lakes in the area. Yet it has 28 lakes with a constant water feed, 8 small lakes that are only fed with rain water. Out of these lakes 14 are situated in Dariganga sum territory. Among them are Ganga, Duut, Dagshin, Kholboo, Goviin Tsagaan, Khuduu, Uvur Khurem, Zegstei and Ulaan lakes with constant water feed.

Soil. Sukhbaatar aimag is rich with natural resources. Tungsten deposit of Chono Gol in Erdenetsagaan Sum, coal deposits of Bumbat and Khulgar Ar and many other rich deposits of gold, copper, molybdenum, alabaster, zinc and iron are found in this aimag. Light brown soil is dominant throughout Sukhbaatar aimag.

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