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Travel destinations of Sukhbaatar aimag
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Travel destinations of Sukhbaatar aimagSukhbaatar aimag has many unique scenic places. About 200 extinct volcanoes exist in Dariganga sum. Highest of them is a Shiliin Bogd Uul or Shiliin Bogd Mountain, considered sacred by mongolian people, located at 60km south-east from the center of Dariganga sum. Its peak is nearly 1778m above sea level. Since 2004 Shiliin Bogd Mountain with Khurugiin valley stands under state protection. There are about 60 stone monuments in this area. The 127 to 248 kilometer square Ongon and Moltsog sand dunes stretch through Dariganga and Ongon sum territories. Strictly protected Lkhanchinvandad Mountain is located in Erdenetsagaan sum. Sukhbaatar aimag has many caves including some 70 caves of Bayan Uul in Munkhkhaan Sum, Bayandulaan and Talyn caves located in Naran and Dariganga sums.

Ancient animal and plant fossils can be found in Baishint, Khodoodiin Gobi, and Khorgoljingiin Tal or Khorgoljingiin steppe, and vast areas with stone formations including Log, Budar, Zaraa, Turungu, Delgerkhaan and Khargiltai are found in the area of Sukhbaatar aimag.
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