Khorgo-Terkh NP: Terkh White Lake

Khorgo-Terkh Tsagaan Nuur National Park located in the Arkhangai aimag include some of the most amazing and majestic scenery such as Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur and Khorgo Mountain. The park is comprised of 1,252 square miles of land.

Central Mongolia Attractions: Terkhiin Tsagaan LakeTerkh Tsagaan Nuur known as Terkh White Lake is a crystal freshwater and volcanogenic lake in the Khangai Mountains, located 648km from Ulaanbaatar city. This lake was created as a result of a 4050cm thick basaltic blockage of Terkh River, following the eruption of Khorgyn Togoo and some other volcanoes. Lake length - 16km, width - 6 km; its depth is 20m (65ft). The Great White Lake at an altitude of 2,060 meter is surrounded by extinct volcanoes and covers an area of 61 square km. In the middle of the lake there is a small volcanic island with 500sq km area and 28m relative altitude, called Nuuryn Tolgoi, covered with bird nests made of the fragrant grass Samkhan. Terkhiin River river flow into the lake, as well as 20 smaller rivers and streams. There is one major outflow, Suman River. Lake rich of prosperous species of fish such as taimen, perch, lenok and pike. It's registered in Ramsar's Convention because many birds including swans, shelducks, ducks, gulls, common herons and great white egrets gather here.

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