13th Century Theme Park

Attractions close to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: 13th Century Theme Park13th Century Theme Park is located in Erdene sum of Tuv aimag, 36km south-east of the Genghis Khan Statue Complex, 90km from capital Ulaanbaatar city, which covers 0.4 square miles surrounding Yol mountain. The main attraction of this park is the real-time demonstration of everyday life and work, culture, traditions, religion, holidays of people of the 13th century Mongol Empire with the presentation of a variety of crafts. Micro kingdom gives guests feel like stepped back in time to 13th century. The park is comprised of six sections (Watchtower camp, Herders camp, Education camp, Shamans camp, King's camp, Craftsman camp) which represent the life and work of the various sectors of society of the 13th century Mongol Empire.

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