Tonyukuk shining monuments

Attractions close to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: Tonyukuk shining monumentsTonyukuk monuments, located 60 km east of Ulaanbaatar, include two stone monuments with ancient inscriptions and a number of human statues. Archaeological excavations performed in the area have uncovered the remains of a brick building with ceramic roof, which at one point burned down and was destroyed. The engraved text covering the eight sides of the two stone monuments contains runic characters. It describes the social situation at the time and events connected with the biography of Tonyukuk the Wise (624-732 AD), a man of noble birth who acted as advisor to three Turkic kings. Tonyukuk was imprisoned for a crime committed while the Turks were subjects of the Chinese, but he was released at the time of Qutuluq's rebellion. Eventually, when Qutuluq became king, Tonyukuk was appointed as his advisor. Qutuluq died in 693 and was replaced by his brother Mojo, who had been connected with the previous regime, including Tonyukuk. Yet Tonyukuk organized a secret plot with support of exiled politicians, which succeeded in overturning Mojo's ruling, and led to the coronation of Mogilyan as king of the empire. The monuments here were erected by Tonyukuk himself.

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