Flora and fauna of Tuv aimag

Flora and fauna of Tuv aimagFauna. The 16 species of endangered animals including deer, doe, moose, Argali the wild sheep, snowcock, swan etc. inhabit the area of Tuv aimag. About 30 different species of game animals like squirrel, fox, marmot, steppe fox, boar, bear, lynx etc. live in the area of the aimag too.

Flora. Trees like cedar, larch, aspen, bush, pine, larch, black alder and cornelian cherry. Berry bushes like species of plum, bird cherry, black currant and dog rose. Wild vegetables like wild onion, spring onion shallot, wild leek, wild garlic, silverweed, mushroom and herbs like licorice, seabuckthorn, hippophae, gentian, Bergenia crassifolia, bush tea and bind weed grow in the Khentii-Khangai Mountain Range of Tuv aimag.

Total area of the forest is 1,445.3 thousand ha and 90.8% or 1,312.7 thousand ha is covered with the actual forest and the remaining 9.2% or 132.6 thousand ha is an area that just surrounds the forest itself. Natural grown forest area is 977.8 thousand ha; planted trees and bushes total area is 166.6 ha. Whereas 504.8 thousand ha larch, 76.5 thousand ha pine, 273.3 thousand ha cedar, 4.4 thousand ha evergreen, 110 thousand ha birch, 4.6 thousand ha bush and 2 thousand ha aspen grow in the forest of Tuv aimag.

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