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Geography, meteorology of Tuv aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Tuv aimagGeography, meteorology of Tuv aimag
Geography and meteorology of Tuv aimagGeography. The area of Tuv aimag is considered as part of the Khentii-Khangai Mountain Range and eastern Mongolian plains. Large mountains and valleys lie in the north of the aimag and a steppe with small hills and mounds sit in the south of the province. The territory of the Tuv aimag is located at the southwestern edge of the Khentii Mountain Range and at the eastern edge of the Khangai Mountain ranges. It is bordered with Khentii aimag to the east, Govisumber and Dundgovi aimags to the south, Uvurkhangai and Bulgan aimags to the west and Selenge aimag to the north. Most of the territory of Tuv aimag is elevated at 1,200 to 1,500m above sea level. The highest point is Asralt Khairkhan, the peak of the Khentii Mountain Range, elevated at 2,800m above sea level. Ulaanbaatar City is located within the territory of the province.

Meteorology. Tuv aimag has a harsh mainland climate. The annual average temperature is -1.8°C. The minimum temperature is estimates as -20.5°C in January and the maximum is +15.4°C in July. Annual average precipitation is 270.8mm and average wind speed reaches to 2.8m/sec.
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