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Rivers and lakes of Tuv aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Tuv aimagRivers and lakes of Tuv aimag
Rivers and lakes of Tuv aimagRivers and Lakes. Surface water is abundant in the northern areas of Tuv aimag, including the Tuul River and its inflows Terelj, Gachuurt, Khongor, Khag, Uliastai and Khar Bukh rivers, headstreams and springs of Kharaa, Yeruu, Minj, Zakhar, Kherlen, and the Tenuun rivers. But in the southern areas of Tuv aimag, surface water is not so plenty. There are about 50 lakes with a total area of 0.5 sq. km or more.
The surface water of this aimag is divided into 3 basins, the Arctic Ocean Basin, the Pacific Ocean Basin and the Central Asian Basin. And junction point of these 3 basins, the Tsogtchandmani Mountain, which is located in the area of Erdene sum of Tuv Aimag.

Soil. The northern territory of Tuv aimag is covered with brown soil that is suitable for agriculture and in the southern territory lays the plains with small hills and mounds. Steppe brown and light brown soil is dominated through the southern and western parts of the aimag. Forest and meadow dark brown and gray soil is spread through the northeastern part of Tuv aimag. The area is rich with mineral resources including coal found in Tugrug Lake, iron ore, lead, wolfram, pure and cloudy crystal, spar, azure, turquoise, chalcedony, tin and others.
Khuleriin and Khuderiin Am are the areas with large swamps. Along the Tuul riversides, sand covers the soil.
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