Travel destinations of Tuv aimag

Travel destinations of Tuv aimagNatural sights of Tuv aimag: Khagiin Khar Lake, Khentii Lake, Yest Spring, Ar and Uvur Janchivlin springs, Buuruljuut Spring, Asralt Khairkhan mountain, Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, Nagalkhan Mountain, Khustai Mountain Range, Eej (Mother) Rock, Khavirga Mountain pass, Yamaatyn Saridag, Bayan, Bosgo and Tenger mountain passes of aimag.

Cultural and historical sights of Tuv aimag: Historical sight complex in the southern valley of Ungut Mountain in Altanbulag sum of Tuv aimag. Tombs and burial grounds belonging to various ages at the site of Morin Tolgoi. Khunnu tombs at Kharaa Mountain in Batsumber sum of the aimag. Gua Dov ancient city ruins in Bayanjargal sum. Scripted stone monument of the Turkic era at Gashuun Baltastai in Bayantsagaan sum. Ruins of homestead at Boroo in Bornuur sum. The Stone Writing by Tsogt Taij in 1624, at Duutyn Khar Chuluu and a Turkic monument complex dedicated to Kul-Chur at Ikh Khushuut in Delgerkhaan sum. Manzushir (Manjusri) Monastery ruins and engraved rock portraits in the vallye of Zuun Mod Mountain in Zuunmod sum. Petroglyphs at Tereljiin Durvuljin, Burkhiin Durvuljin in Mungunmorit sum and at Uyangiin Uzuur in Undurshireet sum. Scripted stone monument of Tonyukuk at the site of Ar Janchivlan and Princes Temple at Baruunbayan in Erdene sum of Tuv aimag.

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