Ulaanbaatar - the capital of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar - capital city of MongoliaUlaanbaatar (UB), the capital city of Mongolia is the cultural, political, and financial heart of the country, located in the Tuul River valley and surrounded by 4 sacred mountains. UB elevated at 1,300m above sea level. UB has become a main tourist hub for foreign tourism in Mongolia. UB has numerous museums with world famous valuable exhibits and Buddhist heritage sights. In UB there are 14 historical and cultural sites that are listed under State Protection including Gandan Monastery, Megjid Janraisig Statue, Bogd Khan's Winter Palace, Ger Shaped small temples, Dari Ekh Temple's two stone columns, Geser Temple, Choijin Lama Temple dedicated to the brother of the Bogd Khan, Dambadarjaalin Monastery, petroglyphs at IkhTenger and Gachuurt Mountain range, numerious tombs at Songinokhairkhan Mountain, and Chin Van Khanddorj's house. Also, there are 11 places under the city's preservation and protection: Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum building, the first European style 2 storey apartment building, two stone lion statues on the Arslantai Bridge, two stone lion statues in front of the national history museum, some buildings of the Bogd Khan's summer complex, Khunnu tombs in Belkhiin Am, two stone lion statues in front of the National University of Mongolia, rock scripts in Nukhtiin Am, where the patriotic lords held a secret meeting regarding the separation from the Manchu dominance and the Tsogtbadamjav's house.

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