Flora and fauna of Umnugovi aimag

Flora and fauna of Umnugovi aimagFlora. Astragal and gentian etc. medicinal herbs and total about 250 species of small leafed, nutritious, short plants and vegetation that are resistant to hot and dry weather of the desert, grow in Umnugovi aimag. Desert and desert steppe plants like stipa, straw, cleistogenes, psammochloa, ephedra, xanthoxylon, anabisis, ceratoides, salsola etc. are found in the aimag.
Nitraria, cynomorium and agriophyllum etc. tasteful edible plants and elm, saxsaul, populous and oleaster etc. trees grow in the area. Ancient Asian desert plants' descendent plant species like clematis fruticosa, agrostis, potaninia, zygophyllum, nitraria, brachanthemum, incarvillea, evergreen caragana that are cannot be found in other parts of Asia grow in the aimag. These unique and interesting species are proof that the region's vegetation families are of an ancient origin. Umnugovi aimag is rich with tasteful edible plants like wild leek, Mongolian onion, feather grass, couch, straw and bushes like salsola, anabisis, sagebrush, caragana and ceratoides. Saxaul, pine and xanthoxylon etc. are scattered throughout the Gobi desert. An isolated area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or similar water source is called an oasis. In the oasis populus, tamarix, oleaster, willow and reaumuria etc. bushes are predominant. Reed, leymus chinensis, straw, halimodendron, sophora, peganum, calamagrostis macilenta, silverweed also grow in these oases. Plants and vegetations that local people use in their lives are cynomorium, nitraria and a Mongolian onion.

Fauna. World and nation widely endangered species like Argali the wild sheep, ibex, leopard, black tailed antelope, Mazaalai the Gobi bear, marbled polecat, wildcat, lynx, rock marten, gopher, antelope etc. are inhabited in Umnugovi aimag. The 956 head of Argali wild sheep, 2,018 head of ibexes, and 562 head of black tailed antelopes were counted during the national wild animals' registration and counting in 2007.

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