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Meteorology of Umnugovi aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Umnugovi aimagMeteorology of Umnugovi aimag
Meteorology of Umnugovi aimagUmnugovi aimag has all kinds of terrain including Gobi desert, mountains, valleys, plains etc., and this mixed shape of terrain is the main factor of the area's distinct climate conditions. For instance, average annual temperature of the central and westerns sums of the aimag Bayandalai, Noyon, Gurvantes, and Khurmen, is around 3.9°C to 6.1°C whereas, southeastern plains of Umnugovi aimag have average temperature of 7.4°C. Annual average maximum temperature is around 20.2°C to 24°C during July and minimum temperature is around -11.5°C to -6.8°C during January. But, average annual temperatures fluctuate every year. The maximum temperature can reach up to 32.6°C to 39.9°C in northern and northwestern sums, 35°C to 35.8°C in central sums, and 38.6°C to 41°C in the rest of the aimag. Whole area of Umnugovi aimag is located in dry climate region, and average humidity is around 29% to 50% during the warm season and 50% to 73% during the cold seasons.

Average precipitation received in Dalanzadgad, Noyon, Gurvantes, Khankhongor, Bulgan, and Manlai sums is around 102.1 to 132.9mm, in Bayan-Ovoo, and Nomgon sums is around 63.2 to 70.9mm and in the rest of the sums is around 80 to 100mm. But in some years precipitation rate increases are unusually high or decrease unusually low. Moreover, it happens that most of the annual anticipated precipitation is received during one alone day. Monthly average wind speed is the highest in spring and the lowest in winter and summer seasons. But in contrary, average wind speed in Bulgan sum, is the highest in November and December. According to the statistics, in Bulgan sum, days with high wind are two times higher and duration of high winds are three times longer than Dalanzadgad, the center of Umnugovi aimag.
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