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Rivers and lakes of Umnugovi aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Umnugovi aimagRivers and lakes of Umnugovi aimag
Rivers and lakes of Umnugovi aimagRivers and Lakes. Even though Umnugovi aimag doesn't have any big lakes and rivers, it has beautiful oases and small lakes and ponds. The area has many springs such as Khadat, Nemegt, Zuulun, Enger Buleen and Talkhit cold springs, Elgen and Salkhit hot springs. By 2007 national water counting 3 rivers, 2 lakes, 581 springs, and 1 medicinal spring were officially counted. Where 2 lakes, 217 springs were drained since the last count. Ulaan Nuur or Red Lake is a small lake, has a hydrocarbonat type of water, located at 1008m above sea level. Ongi river flow into the lake, as well as small rivers such as Sukhait, Lig and Tsagaan Gol, that originates in the  Gobi-Altai Mountains. Underground water reserve of the Umnugovi aimag is 260.5 million cubic meters.

Soil of Umnugovi aimag. Soil is thin in the south area of the aimag and light colored semi-desert in the north. According to the field soil study, there are 3 subtypes of soil exist in Umnugovi aimag.
1. Light colored desert soil
2. Light colored desert steppe soil
3. Grayish brown colored desert steppe soil
Mountain brown and Gobi brown soil is dominated in the area of Umnugovi aimag.
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