Travel destinations of Umnugovi aimag

Travel destinations of Umnugovi aimagYolyn Am canyon: Yolyn Am is the scenic gorge of the Govi Gurvan Saikhan Mountain and the name was given due to its large number of Yol or lammergeyer population. It is a beautiful place with clear air, cold streams and surrounded with distinctive rock formations. Ice and snow in the bottom of the gorge remains frozen until the end of the July. Juniper grows here. Early in the morning or late in the evening people can spot rare animals like wild goats and lammergeyer in this gorge. Yolyn Am is located in 45km northwest of Dalanzadgad, center of Umnugovi aimag.

Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs: This place is rich with saxsaul trees and that is why this name "Bayanzag or Rich in Saxaul" was given to it. In 1921, The US paleontologists found a dinosaur skeleton, for the first time in Asia, from here. Skeletons of Protoceratops and Tarbosaurus, the dinosaurs that were living in the area hundreds of million years ago, were found here. At that time, the Mongolian Government had exchanged this Tarbosaurus skeleton for two Ford vehicles and nowadays this skeleton is displayed at the National History Museum in NYC. At sunset, red cliffs in the area look like as if they are burning in flame, so American paleontologist named this place "Flaming Cliffs" in 1921. Bayanzag is located in 120km northwest of Dalanzadgad city, center of Umnugovi aimag.

Khongoryn Els or Khongor Sand Dunes: This is the area of 180km long, white sand strip. When there is a high wind, it makes a similar sound of an airplane, so local people call it "Singing Dune". Khongoryn Els is located in 200km west of Dalanzadgad. Its height reaches up to 80m at the highest point.

Nemegt Uul: It is located 400km west of the center of Umnugovi aimag, one of the places rich with dinosaur fossils. Its muddy red cliffs look astonishing. Those cliffs are similar to Bayanzag cliffs. Also, Nemegt, Altan Uul, Tugrugiin Shiree, Ukhaa Tolgod, Khermen Tsav etc. places are rich with dinosaur fossils.

Khermen Tsav: Dinosaur fossil rich area that is really difficult to reach. There is no water and no human settlements in this place. This is a hollow pit like place with two entrances, and temperatures can reach up to +60oC. This place is called "Death Pit" because people can easily get lost in here and there is no water at all.

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