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Uran Togoo extinct volcano
Mongolia travel destinations: Uran Togoo extinct volcanoUran Togoo extinct volcano is located in Uran Togoo National Park, 80km west of Bulgan city, center of Bulgan aimag. Its peak is nearly 1686m above sea level, has a crater 500-600m in diameter and around 50-60m deep, filled with a small oval lake about 20m in diameter and 1.5m in deep. The last eruption occurred in approximately 20,000-25,000 years ago. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the surrounding larch forest mixed with aspen and birch. Area's animal species include the partridges, sparrows, owls, hawks and breasts, deer, wild sheep, roe deer, boar, ibex, marmot, squirrel, brown hare, moss brown mice. Snake and reptiles are common in the Mt. Uran Togoo. Since 1965 the Uran Togoo Mountain stands under state protection.

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