Uushig Deer Stone Monument

Mongolia travel destinations: Uushig Deer Stone MonumentUushigiin uver valley is notable rich for a legendary archaeological monument - "Deer stones" ("The "Deer stone" is derived from highly artistic illustrations of deer on stone), located in the territory of Khuvsgul aimag, 25km west of Murun city. There is a complex of big khirgisuurs, slab burials and 14 deer stones, arranged in a same row with a distance of 3-20 meters, constructed from reddish granite. The stones ranges between 1.5-4.8m in height, 0.2-0.5cm in thickness and 0.4-1m in width. According to the archeologists this stones are dating to the Bronze Age. Deer stones draw attentions of many tourists, scientists and considered one of the rarest statues.

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