Fauna of Uvs aimag

Fauna of Uvs aimagUvs aimag is a home to many different species of animals that are well adapted to its harsh climate conditions and diverse geographical formations which includes alpine high mountains, vast gobies and steppes with huge lakes and rivers. In this aimag 64 species of mammals of 20 different genuses, 6 families and 4 orders inhabit the area. Significant game animals like Altai Argali wild sheep, ibex the wild goat, deer, antelope, wolf, boar and fox, birds like duck, grouse, sand grouse and goose, fishes like grayling, osman and bigmouth osman inhabit the area. In the basin of Khyargas, Achit and Uvs lakes, endangered species like antelope and black tailed antelope inhabit also. Saiga Tatrica Mongolica antelope is almost extinct in the area of Uvs aimag.

Khankhukhii, Togtokhyn Shil, Kharkhiraa, Turgenii mountains, Uliastai forest and high mountain rocky regions of Uvs aimag are a home to leopard, lynx, wolverine, marten, squirrel, grouse, black cock, rabbit, chipmunk, steppe fox, wildcat, badger, skunk, ermine, hare, marmot, gopher, jerboa, mole, hamster and other types of rodents.

In the lakes of Uvs aimag, water birds like swan, duck, pelican and scoter are found. In the plains and high mountains, snowcock, bustard, crane, grouse, cuckoo, eagle, vulture, lammergeyer, peckerwood, crow, magpie, hawk, lark, owl, black kite, seagull, buzzard, stork and hoopoe are widely found. Nightingale and many other migratory and non migratory birds are inhabited in the Khovd and Bukhmurun rivers. Major rivers and lakes are abundant in fish like Western Mongolian grayling and osman.

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