Flora of Uvs aimag

Flora of Uvs aimagAbout 128.0 thousand ha or 82% of the total forest area of Uvs aimag is covered with larch, 1.3 thousand ha is with cedar, 0.2 thousand ha is with fir, 5.6 thousand ha is covered with aspen. The low lands of the lakes of the aimag are dominated with Gobi vegetation. Khargai, aspen and bushes grow in the Tsagaan Shuvuut and its branch mountains, located in Sagil sum of the aimag, in the lands of the Uvs Lake Depression, at 3496m above sea level. 180km long Khan Khukhii Mountain Range is rich with coniferous forest.

Therefore, it is considered to be the main source of the forest reserve of Uvs aimag. Khargai, aspen, bush, fir grow in the north side of the Kharkhiraa mountain, the branch of Altai Mountain Range, which occupy territories of Umnugovi, Khovd, Tarialan and Chandmani sums of Uvs aimag. Turgen Mountain Range stretches out, though many different regions including tundra, taiga, and mountain steppe is rich with woody, bushy and graminaceous plants that are well adapted with its distinctive conditions.

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