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Geography of Uvs aimag
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Geography of Uvs aimagThe center of Uvs aimag, Ulaangom city is located in the west of the Uvs Lake, occupying 34 sq. km of land at the elevation of 939m above sea level and is 1,336km away from Ulaanbaatar city. Many snow-capped mountains such as Tsagaan Deglii, Must, Tsagaan Shuvuut, also over 40 big and small, salty and fresh water lakes such as Uvs, Khyargas, Achit and Uureg that are abundant in fish and vast forests and steppes are in this aimag. The Uvs aimag is situated in westren Mongolia occupying the Khankhukhii, Kharkhiraa, Turgenii mountain ranges and the Gobi in the Uvs Lake depression. The highest mountain is 4,116m high Kharkhiraa Mountain. Kharkhiraa, Turgenii mountains are relatively young frowning mountains.

Moraine from the Mesozoic era is widely spread around the Khyargas and Uvs lakes. In addition, many other mountains such as Tsambagarav, Darvi, Baatar, Khukh Serkhiin range, Munkhkhairkhan, Jargalant, Sutai, Myangan Ugalzat and Altan Khukhii exist in Uvs aimag. The lowest point of Uvs Lake area is 758.9m above sea level while the highest point is Kharkhiraa-Turgenii Mountain's peak at 4,126m above sea level.
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