Meteorology of Uvs aimag

Meteorology of Uvs aimagMeteorology. The annual average precipitation of Uvs aimag is 135.3mm. Atmospheric pressure is 923.9 hPa in January and 901.9 hPa in July. Northern hemisphere winter high-pressure zone forms in low lands of the Uvs and Khyargas lakes. January average temperature is -17°C to -25.5°C and average July temperature is 16.5°C. Average wind speed is 4.5m/sec. May is the windiest month of the year. The wind speed can reach 2.3m/sec in May. The maximum temperature can reach up to +35°C and minimum temperature can drop down to -40°C. Spring and fall seasons last relatively long, 120 to 160 days.
The annual average air temperature in the center of Uvs aimag Ulaangom City is -3.8°C, January average is -33°C and July average is +19.2°C. Ulaangom is one of the places in Mongolia that experiences the coldest winter, the minimum ever recorded temperature was -50°C, the maximum ever recorded temperature was +36.4°C.

Soil. Nuurst Khotgor and Khar Tarvagatai are rich with coal. Shuden Mountain is rich with salt deposits. Most of the territories of Uvs aimag have light colored steppe soil. Steppe and mountain dark brown soil is spread throughout the mountainous region. Swamp and sandy soil spread throughout the low lands of the lakes. Mountains are covered with forests and alpine vegetation whereas the low land of the lakes is covered with Gobi vegetation.

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