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Rivers and lakes of Uvs aimag
Home Provinces of Mongolia Uvs aimagRivers and lakes of Uvs aimag
Rivers and lakes of Uvs aimagLarge rivers like Tes, Nariin and Zavkhan flow through Uvs aimag. The aimag has many large lakes including Uvs, Khyargas and Uureg. There are also many springs such as Khartermesiin, Khavtsal Boomyn, and Burgastain.

Uvs aimag is located in the low lands of the great lakes (Great Lakes Depression). The total area of the surface water of the aimag is 3,350 sq. km. The length of the longest lake is 84km, and width of the widest is 79km. Sulphate and natrium concentrated Uvs Lake is elevated at 759m. Uvs Lake is the largest lake in Mongolia. Scientists have determined that the lake is over 200 years old. 38 rivers flow into Uvs Lake including Tes, Nariin, Kharhiraa, Turgen, Borshoo, Sagil, Khundlun, Khandgai and Torkhilog.
Total length of the Tes River is 732km and the river flows through Uvs aimag for 135km. The Tes river delta at Uvs kake consists of 5 rivers with vast swamps with reeds. The names of these 5 small rivers are Orgikh, Khos-Ereg, Ikh Gol, Jiireg and Ukheg. The term "Five Tes" is derived from these 5 streams.
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