Travel destinations of Uvs aimag

Travel destinations of Uvs aimagLocated at the boundaries of Malchin and Khyargas sums, Jinst Khadny Cave that can fit about 600 to 800 sheep, 200m deep cave at Khatuugiin Mountain in Davst sum, Ulaan Chuluuny Cave which can fit about 400 - 500 horses or 800 - 900 sheep at Undurkhangai sum, rock cliffs elevated at 3,000m above sea level, that contains trails and fossils of ancient animals at Yamaat Mountain in Bukhmurun sum are all part of the beautiful scenery of Uvs aimag. travellers like a tour to the Senheriin cave, where ancient people's traces dating between about 40,000  years ago were found. The cave is located in 25km north-west of the center of Mankhan sum of Uvs aimag

Uvs aimag has been named "Chandmani Uul" between 1925 to 1931, as "Durvudiin aimag" between 1931 to 1932 and since 1933 it was named Uvs aimag.

Border crossing points to Russia that are in this aimag are "Borshoo" in Davst sum and "Tes" in Tes sum. The national game animal reserve is located in Khar Yamaat of Bukhmurun or alternatively called as a home land to the Ibex mountain goats. Hunters from all over the world pay a visit to this aimag.

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